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Talks session with Zoom*

We have an amazing combination of invited and selected oral presentations this year, distributed over two days. Discover our programme below and join our session by clicking on the corresponding Zoom session below! 

Infection and Immunity annual meeting 2021

Thursday 9th December


Welcome and Introduction from Division of Infection and Immunity 

Professor Donald Fraser 

Director of Division of Infection and Immunity 

Session 1: Inflammation 

Chairs: Dr. Ruth Jones and Dr. Jason Towhig 


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Anne-Catherine Raby 

Modulation of TLR activity in kidney disease-related pathologies

Short talks from selected abstracts 


Dr. Kathy Triantafilou 

NLRP6 and Caspase 5 regulate non-canonical inflammasome activation triggered by the complement membrane attack complex in human osteoarthritis 


Gisela Jimenez Duran 

Sublytic membrane attack complex drives glycolysis and mitochondrial dysfunction with inflammatory consequences in human monocyte-derived macrophages 


Miss Morgane Mazzarino 

Investigation of the role of endogenous TLRs in the increased risk of CVD in CKD patients 


Dr. Rabaa Takala 

Anti-inflammatory and Immuno-metabolic effects of Pinolenic Acid in Rheumatoid Arthritis 


Dr. Magdalena Czubala 

How to get animals and tissues for free – 3Rs blackboard 



Lunch break

Poster P1 to P 11 and sponsor stand viewing 

Session 2: Infection 

Chairs: Dr. Sandra Dimonte and Dr. Kirsten Bentley

Short talks from selected abstracts 


Dr. Mathew Clement 

T-Bet acts during chronic cytomegalovirus infection to promote the development of IL-10-secreting CD4+ T-cells that facilitate virus persistence via co-expression of arginase-1 


Dr. Luned Badder 

Delivery of suicide therapies using a precision virotherapy; novel approaches for pancreatic cancer


Dr. Mark Toleman 

E. coli sepsis rates in the UK are directly related to very high community carriage rates of a small number of highly pathogenic strains 


Dr. Brad Spiller 

Environmental Surveillance of ESBL and Carbapenemase-Producing Gram-Negative Bacteria in a Ghanaian Tertiary Hospital  


Keynote Speaker: Dr. James McLaren  

T cell receptor-driven immune modulation by bacterial superantigens 


End of the first day 

Friday 10th December

Session 3: Immunology

Chairs: Dr. Magdalena Czubala and Dr. Bruce MacLachlan 


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Pierre Rizkallah  

Molecular Level Understanding of The Immune Response to COVID19 and the  CHADOX Vaccine 

Short talks from selected abstracts 


Dr. Danijela Tatovic 

Single cell gene expression and TCR repertoire analysis in human skin and skin draining lymph nodes following intradermal injection of GAD-alum reveals recruitment of antigen specific T cells 


Miss Eleanor Pring 

A novel NK cell expressed gene, Synaptotagmin-like 3, is responsible for optimal NK cell cytotoxic control of acute MCMV infection 


Dr. Sarah Hulin-Curtis 

Bespoke alteration of HA epitope in influenza virus reduces weight loss and mortality in mice after primary infection and heterotypic challenge 


Dr. Van Dien Nguyen 

Characterization of Complement C3 in Fatty Liver 



Lunch Break


Poster P12 to P 22 and sponsor stand viewing 

Session 4: COVID and respiratory viruses

Chairs: Dr. Zack Saud and Dr. Carly Bliss 

Short talks from selected abstracts 


Miss Alicia Teijeira Crespo 

AZD-122/ChAdOx1 structure provides mechanistic insights into potential interactions mediating Vaccine Induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopaenia (VITT)


Dr. Roxanne Cooksey 

Lower Incidence of COVID-19 but Higher Mortality in Patients with Inflammatory Arthritis Compared to Controls in Wales, United Kingdom: A Population Epidemiological Study 


Dr. Martha Triantafilou 

STING is essential for Human rhinovirus replication by triggering biogenesis of PI4P lipid enriched replication platforms and facilitating viral transmission via autophagy 


Dr. Mark J Ponsford 

A systematic review and meta-analysis of inpatient mortality associated with nosocomial and community COVID-19 exposes the vulnerability of immunosuppressed adults 


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Richard Stanton  

The role of NK cells in natural and vaccine mediated control of SARS-CoV2 


Prof. Ian Humphreys 

Award announcement and closure of the meeting  


End of the second day 





*The contents of this meeting are of a confidential nature and your attendance will be taken as your acceptance to acknowledge that any information you hear or receive is CONFIDENTIAL and will be treated as such by you. 

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