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Cardiff Infection and Immunity


Welcome to the Cardiff University Infection and Immunity meeting!

We again have an amazing programme to offer you, thanks to the high participation in abstract submission and their impressive scientific quality. This website contains all the information you need regarding the annual meeting.


Have a look at our programme to learn more about the selected and invited talks by reading our abstract book and the posters being presented during the coffee lunch breaks. This year we also have a Wellcome Trust ITPA translation sandpit session during lunch, a panel session discussing the role of innovation in our research and public engagement and career overview talks from members of the Division.


Please do not forget our sponsors, without whose support we could not run the meeting. Please have a look at their promotional information on our website and please join them at their stands during the meeting to discuss science and offers.


Thanks to all of you for your participation, we cannot wait to see you on Wednesday 23rd November 2022 at the Cardiff City Stadium.



Cardiff City Stadium

Leckwith Road


CF11 8AZ


02920 643 785


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*Click on the sponsor for product details

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08.15    Registration opens, refreshment on arrival

08.50    Welcome and Introduction from the Division of Infection & Immunity (DII) and Systems                        Immunity University Research Institute (SIURI)
              Professor Donald Fraser Head of the Division of Infection & Immunity
              Professor Ian Humphreys Director of the Systems Immunity University Research Institute

              Dr. Rob Orford Chief Scientific Advisor for Health, Welsh Government 

              Session 1 : Neuroinflammation and autoimmune disease
              Chairs: Dr. Mathew Clement & Dr. Ryan Bevan

09.00    Keynote Speaker: Professor Paul Morgan (Dementia Research Institute, Cardiff University)                         'Complement dysregulation, a key driver of neuroinflammation and Neurodegeneration’    

09.35    Invited Speaker: Dr. Emma Tallantyre (Division of Psychological Medicine & Clinical                                        Neurosciences, Cardiff University) ‘Infection, Immunity and Multiple Sclerosis’

09.55    Dr. James Pearson ‘Time-of-day influences both the attacking immune cells and targeted β cells,                  modulating susceptibility to type 1 diabetes’

10.07    Dr. Magda Czubala ‘Peritoneal macrophages dictate tissue eosinophil survival: potential role of                    lipid mediators’

10.19    Dr. Sarah Carpanini ‘Terminal complement pathway activation drives synaptic loss in                                      Alzheimer’s disease models’ 

10.31    Dr. Wioleta Zelek ‘Targeting novel anti-complement drugs to the brain for therapy of     dementia’  


10.43    Coffee break -Trade stand and poster viewing

              Session 2: Immunotherapeutics & diagnostics
              Chairs: Dr. Carly Bliss & Dr. Stephanie Hanna

11.15    Invited Speaker: Professor Ernest Choy (DII, Cardiff University)
              ‘Immunometabolism at the heart of rheumatoid arthritis’

11.35    Invited Speaker: Professor Andrew Sewell (DII, Cardiff University)
              ‘Targeting of multiple tumor-associated antigens by individual T-cell receptors during successful                     cancer immunotherapy’

11.55    Dr. Rebecca Bayliss ‘Development of αvβ6 integrin specific “Precision Immunovirotherapies”                          expressing bispecific immune cell activators’

12.07    Dr. Daniel Smith ‘Rapid electrochemical detection of urinary microRNA kidney disease biomarkers’

12.19    Dr. Stephanie Burnell ‘Development of a computational analysis pipeline for calculation of                            organoid cell numbers’

12.31    Professor Susan Wong ‘Celebrating 100 years since the discovery of insulin’

12.43    Dr. Angharad Watson  ‘Preview of Wellcome Institutional Translational Partnership Award (ITPA)                  Sandpit Session’

12.53    Dr. Martha Triantafilou ‘Preview of I&I PGR day’

12.58    Lunch, Poster session, Trade stand viewing

13.20    Lunchtime Translational Wellcome ITPA Sandpit Session: Dr. Angharad Watson 

              Session 3: Response to infection
              Chairs: Dr. Bruce MacLachlan & Dr. Zack Saud

14.20    Gold Sponsor 1: ‘Miltenyi Biotec T cell workflow: from sample preparation and cell isolation                  to flow cytometry and cell culture’

14.25    Gold Sponsor 2: Nanostring ‘NanoString Spatial Profiling at Cardiff – Resolving Immune                          Heterogeneity’

14.40    Keynote Speaker: Professor Wendy Barclay CBE (Imperial College London)
              ‘Saving the world from the next pandemic’

15.15    Invited Speaker: Professor Jamie Rossjohn FRS (Monash University/Cardiff University)                                  'Unconventional T cell receptor recognition by unconventional T cells'

15.35    Ms. Lauren Jones ‘HCMV encoded interleukin 10 (vIL-10): Investigating its suitability as a novel                      marker of viral reactivation in renal transplant patients’

15.47    Dr. Farah Latif ‘FLT3 ligand is a novel predictor of HCMV infection following kidney transplantation’

15.59    Dr. Fergus Hamilton ‘Therapeutic potential of IL6-R blockade for the treatment of sepsis and                        sepsis-related death: Findings from a Mendelian randomisation study’

16.11    Dr. Charley Lovatt ‘Virus-cell interactions of the ChAdOx1 viral vector give insights into vaccine-                    induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia’

16.23    Coffee break – Trade stand and poster viewing

16.55    Discussion Panel Session: ‘Challenges to and Opportunities for Innovation’ 
              Chair – Professor Awen Gallimore (DII, Cardiff University)
              Panelists: Professor Andrew Sewell (DII, Cardiff University), Dr. James Hindley (ImmunoServ),                    Neil White (Emerson Collective),  Dr. Matthew Stott (RIS, Cardiff University) &

              Dr. Angharad Watson (Wellcome ITPA, Cardiff University) 
              Chairs: Dr. Luke Davies & Dr. Kirsten Bentley

17.35    Invited Speaker: Dr. Bnar Talabani MBE (DII, Cardiff University)
              ‘Science Communication in the Era of Social Media‘ 

17.50    Career Overview: Professor Bernhard Moser (DII, Cardiff University)
              ‘Chemokines: From Discovery to Frontline Research’

18.35    Award presentations
18.45    Bar open

Awards for Oral and Poster Presentations 

The Sparkly Golden Pipette Award for the best Early Career Researcher oral presentation, sponsored by Miltenyi Biotec  



The Javier Uceda Fernandez Award for the best PhD student oral presentation, sponsored by Miltenyi Biotec 



The Peter Tomasec award for the best Early Career Researcher poster, sponsored by Caltag Medsystems 



The Peter Tomasec award for the best PhD student poster, sponsored by Peprotech 



Sponsor’s passport prize, sponsored by Eppendorf 





*The contents of this meeting are of a confidential nature and your attendance will be taken as your acceptance to acknowledge that any information you hear or receive is CONFIDENTIAL and will be treated as such by you.


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